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Beginner Knitting Project

Face cloth's are an easy way to get started in knitting. It is a small project that can be done in a day or two and it is a great gift. Last mother's day I knit face cloths for my mom and mother in-law, and gave them some nice soap with them as well. I picked a super soft cotton yarn and started out with a simple garter stitch to see how it would fare as a face cloth. I chose Cascade Yarns Luna in a Taupe color.

This is a great project for someone brand new to knitting because all you need to do is knit every row until the piece measures the desired size. Knitting every row is called Garter Stitch. Knitting Pattern: Yarn: Cascade Luna Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm) straight needles Gauge: 18 stitches = 4″ (10 cm) (gauge isn’t very important for this pattern) Pattern: Cast On 36 sts K every row Once piece measures 9.5 in. (or desired length) bind off, but keep last stitch on needle and knit that one stitch 10 times to make a little chain. Then connect the yarn to the cloth to make a small loop. Finish by weaving in ends. Blocking optional. Finished measurements 8.5 in x 9.5 in (this is an estimate you can make yours any size you like!)


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