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The Knit Vibe is Real

I am always delighted when I find a new book in my hands, no matter if it is focused on knitting, yoga, spirituality or a memoir. I devour these books as they fuel my creativity. When I found The Knit Vibe on my door step I was elated to find a book that had all my favorite things in one neat package.

This isn't a book that you sit down and read in one sitting. It is more of a book you keep on your coffee table or in your craft room for an inspiration burst when you need it. This is a book that highlights the movers and shakers in the knitting industry and offers ideas to inspire your creativity.

The Knit Vibe begins by highlighting the celebs of the knitting world. The who's who in knitting and crochet. Profiles on the brilliant knit artists like Bristol Ivy and Kaffe Fassett give you a hint into their creative minds and how they feel the knitting world is today. Classics like Kaffee are always wonderful to learn from, but it was nice to see some new designers that I wasn't familiar with like Candice English, Diva Zappa and Siedah Garrett.

The second part of the book is all about intention. Bringing inspiration from yoga, mindfulness, Catholicism, Judaism, and prayer. As a yoga instructor who focuses all her teachings for knitters, I appreciate the yoga section to care for the health of the knitters body. This section of the book is all about the heart of the knitter, where the inspiration comes from deep within. There is really something for everyone in this book from the cord ritual on page 96 to using crystals for creativity on page 99. There is even some astrology for knitters, which I found to be spot on for my Gemini self! Knitting (and crochet) is all about numbers, and so it makes complete sense that someone would have thought of looking to a numerologist to spark knitting creativity. I had fun calculating my number to find it once again right on point!

The third and final part of the book is full of unexpected projects that play with shapes and have you look beyond your usual knitting go to's. From a mega crochet rug, to hoop art, to a beautiful brioche cowl by Nancy Marchant, there is a project in this book for any level knitter or crocheter. My never ending list of projects I want to knit grew after reading this book, and I hope one day to tackle at least one! There are some adorable knit moccasins by Amy Small calling my name.

At $29.99 this book is more than reasonably priced and a treasure for your knitting book library at home. It is vibrant and full of joy and for every knitter (and crocheter) from beginner to advanced can enjoy it.

[Full Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book to review.]

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