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Stretch it Out

As knitters, we understand the importance of keeping our hands healthy so we can knit non-stop. When a tiny pain pops up we make sure to rest, and care for our hands and wrists so we don't cause lasting damage. Even the smallest repetitive movements made while knitting, texting, or typing on a computer can cause strain and inflammation in your hands and wrists.

Not only is it important to stretch out the hands and wrist, but keeping the mind in the present moment can help as well. Sometimes repetitive motions are an invitation to let the mind wander. Instead we invite you to turn it into a mindfulness practice. Turn your knitting pattern into a mantra that you repeat to yourself. This will bring your attention to your knitting and keep your mind from wandering away to think about what errands, laundry, or cleaning you need to do.

We created a brief video to teach you stretches that help prevent injury or discomfort caused by repetitive use. It can be helpful to take a break from your craft every 20 - 30 minutes. Sit up nice and tall, plant your feet, roll your shoulders back and do these hand and wrist exercises. You can thank us later!

Looking for more stretching and mindfulness tips? Try out our 'Yoga for Crafters' virtual class on by clicking here - it's free for a limited time. Better yet, join us for our Yoga + Yarn knitting and yoga retreat November 3-6 in Plymouth, VT.

**Please consult your physician if you are dealing with any current injuries prior to attempting these stretches**

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