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Bend & Stitch

Stop, drop, and yoga. Sitting and knitting for hours is fun and all, but it’s important to take breaks every 20-30 mins. Stand tall and stretch it out. No need to do anything fancy, just a quick shaking it out will help. Your joints will thank you! We love taking an ankle to knee to open up our hips. You can do this seated in a chair, standing with one leg bent, or with your back to a wall for support. Be present with your body, mind and breath.

Pose: Ankle to Knee

When to do it: Mid-knitting and post-knitting

Props needed: A chair (that doesn't have wheels) and yourself.

Why try this pose: Ankle to Knee opens the hips, which can become tight when sitting for an extended period of time.

Who should avoid this: anyone with a knee or hip injury.

How: Sitting on a chair, scoot yourself forward until your hips are at the edge of the seat. Have your feet flat on the floor and hips distance apart. Lift your left leg and open the hip out to the left, then lift the left ankle and place it on your right thigh, just above your right knee. Keep your left foot flexed to protect your left knee. Stay seated with an elongated spine or, for a deeper stretch, lean forward over your legs as your spine lengthens. Place your left hand on the inner left thigh and the right hand on your right quadricep (thigh). Come forward as far as you can without feeling any pinching or pain in your knee or hip; be sure to keep the spine straight– no hunching. Take five deep breaths. Move slowly out of the posture, then switch sides and repeat.

How many times: Take 5 inhales and exhales on each side, 2 times each side. Repeat daily if you find your hips are tight from sitting and knitting for hours.

Note: This pose can also be done standing or lying down.

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