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Catch Your Dreams

I have lots of remnants of skeins of yarn from projects past. I always imagined I'd use the bits and pieces for weaving. As I have not yet taken the plunge into buying a loom, I am often looking for ways to use up little scraps. I also am always searching for fun fiber arts activities for my toddler and I to do together. Enter, the dream catcher.


  • 25-45 yrds of bulky weight yarn (or really any weight! Bulky is just what I had on hand)

  • Glue (optional)

  • Dream Catcher Ring (I had a few of these rings hanging around my house as I like to make dream catchers as gifts. I bought mine at JoAnne Fabrics a few years ago, but you can find them on Amazon)

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

How to:

Step 1: Take the dream catcher ring and the tail of your yarn. If you want you can add glue to the ring as you wrap the yarn around it.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the entire ring. This creates a nice base for the dream catcher and the rest of the yarn to stick to as you add on to it.

Step 3: Once the entire ring is wrapped in yarn, tie a knot to hold the yarn in place and cut a long 9-10 inch tail. The tail will blend in with the fringe at the end.

Step 4: Using a new yarn color (or the same you used to wrap), tie a knot on the bottom of the ring. The bottom of the ring is now where the one piece of fringe is hanging. Once the yarn in secured, cross it over the center of the ring to the other side and wrap it around once. Then bring it back across. Continue like this until you have created a design of at least a few strands of yarns crossing over one another in the center of the ring. You can do this using one color or doing a few strands of a few different colors. This is really up to you and your desire for how much design you want at the center. My dream catcher designing stopped when my toddler got bored with the project!

Step 5: Add fringe to the bottom of the ring. I used about 14 strands of yarn cut to 20", then folded in half to wrap around ring and make fringe.

Have fun and email me with questions!

Happy crafting,


Image: Dream Catcher made with Star Seed Yarn, Bulky and small pompoms hung with Star Seed Yarn on my daughters toddler bed.


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