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No matter if you are spending hours at your computer or clicking away with your knitting needles taking mini-breaks are important to keep you in the present moment. Sitting for extended periods of time can wreack havoc on your body. Your hips tighten, posture slumps, and your joints stiffen. It does no t have to take a whole lot to help relax and loosen the body. Here are 3 tips to keeping you spry and mindful: Find time for balance and breaks throughout your day. Try these tips: 1. Stand up: If you are plugging away at work, shopping online or knitting a project set an alert every 20 minutes. When the alert goes off stand up and stretch your arms overhead, wiggle a bit, an then get back to it. Using that reminder to reset your body and lengthen it. 2. Keep your garbage can far away: Make up reasons that you need to get out of your chair. One option is to place your garbage can far away from you so when you need throw away post-its or extra yarn you need to get up and walk a little bit to the receptacle. This gets you extra steps and your body moving. 3. Sit on the floor: Sitting in chairs can really tighten our hips, but sitting on the floor can help loosen them. You can sit on a yoga block or a small cushion to support your back. Every so often switch the cross of your legs and make sure your spine is upright. I love knitting on the floor – a habit I learned from my mother who sits in full lotus when she knits. If you have lower back issues, extremely tight hips, or a dirty office floor this one isn’t for you. Instead try sitting on the edge of your chair and crossing your ankle over your thigh (like a figure 4 position). Switch legs every so often will help your hips not get so stuck. Or sitting cross legged in your chair can also help loosen your hip flexors.


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