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Book Review: Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

I’ve always admired and drooled over Japanese knitting styles, patterns, and books. The unique designs, shapes of garments, and intricate details are a a great source of inspiration. I’ve bought a few Japanese pattern books thinking I could figure out the patterns from the charts. However, I’ve never knit anything from these books and just enjoyed the pictures since the charts have symbols that I am not familiar with. So, I was excited when we were offered the opportunity to preview The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible by Hitomi Shida. Not only is this book truly inspiring, but it is educational and is sure to up your knitting game!

This is the first Japanese knitting book that has been translated to English. Included in the book are all of the knitting symbols that are charted for each pattern, which opens up the ability to understand all Japanese knitting chart patterns since all symbols in Japanese knitting are standardized. The symbols are well explained, making it easy to incorporate these beautiful charts into your next knitting project.

The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible is full of 260 unique stitch designs offering up inspiration for any knit project you may ever desire. Some of the designs may seem daunting. However, they offer so many clever ways to put together as well as fun edgings that I am already designing new knitting patterns in my head for ear warmers, sweaters, and scarfs. It is an awesome reference to have at home full of stitch patterns of lace, overall patterns, edgings, and yokes. Now, I probably won’t be knitting yokes anytime soon (who has the time!), but the photos were beautiful and designs were innovative.

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of lace, but the elegant lace stitch patterns in this book has me rethinking that opinion! You won’t be lacking in pattern ideas with the wide array of lace, cables, bobbles and creative edgings. In addition to the beautiful stitch designs, the book also offers knitting projects, including a beautiful hat, fingerless mitts, scarf, socks, and a decorative collar. If you’ve been curious about Japanese knitting or want something new for your winter knitting this year, I’d say go buy a copy of The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. It is certainly the best and most accessible book of Japanese stitch designs we have ever come across.

The Japanese Stitch Bible is scheduled for release October 10, 2017 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon through the link above. Happy Knitting!

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