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On the Road to Mecca

Back in the day when I lived in NYC my favorite yarn shop to visit for knitting inspiration was Purl Soho. As life has taken me to live other places, I still enjoy perusing the Purl Soho website for drool worthy knitspiration. Little did I know, when I moved out to California I would live less than an hour from the Purl Soho Warehouse in Irvine, CA where all the online orders ship from. As soon as I learned this I knew I needed to take a road trip!

Located inside a nondescript building on a road near a Joann Fabrics. The Purl Soho Warehouse may look like nothing from the outside, but is' a haven for crafters inside. As the name suggests, the warehouse is just that...not like their highly stylized and charming NYC store. But without fancy displays and decor, the yarn and fabrics still shine just as brightly. Of course, I wanted to touch and buy everything I saw!

The varied array of knits kits are more than enticing. From beginner sewing kits to felting to knitting and embroidery. If you arrived without a project in mind you surely will leave with one (or many!). With Purl Soho’s many beautiful patterns, the prepackaged kits to go along with them will inspire you to make all the beautiful things!

I was proud of myself for walking out of there with only one project (hooray for self-restraint!). I bought some gorgeous yarn to make the beautiful White Caps Cowl. It's like knitting with a cloud! The combo of cotton and silk yarns make for a delicate knit that is slow going and very enjoyable.

If you're like me and enjoy drooling over all the beautiful Purl Soho yarns and kits, it’s definitely worth making a trek out to the Warehouse. It’s not fancy but I still thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Clean lines allow for the products to stand out on their own. Overall, the road trip did not disappoint and I consider myself lucky I can call this place one of my local yarn shops.

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