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Extreme Double-Knitting Book Review

I recently taught myself how to double-knit. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, it basically allows you to knit two 'right-sided' fabrics at the same time, so there won't be a 'wrong-side'. So you end up with stockinette stitch on both sides and a nice thick fabric. At first when I was playing with double-knitting I was only thinking of how wonderfully warm I can make all of my projects. Then I realized I could make some really cool colorwork, and the fabric could be reversible. After a lot of searches on the internet I found that there really wasn't much information out there about double-knitting with unique color patterns, or charting of letters so that the item you are knitting is truly reversible.

So I can't tell you how excited I was when I found the 'Extreme Double Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Color Work' by Alasdair Post-Quinn on a visit to Webs, America's Yarn Store. It was the only copy available at and I snagged it.

When buying a knitting book that I have not heard of before nor am I familiar with the author, my fear is that it won't be helpful. Shelling out $29.95 for patterns and instructions that might not make sense to me seems expensive. But let me tell you, 'Extreme Double-Knitting' is worth every cent! The author goes so in-depth into double knitting that I am totally addicted to it. I keep coming up with new double-knitting patterns before I am able to finish the projects I've already started using the skills I learned from this book. Which is not a bad problem to have!

Here are the top three reasons why I recommend you pick-up a copy of 'Extreme Double-Knitting':

1. It's all about the detail: Alasdair does a fantastic job of breaking down every tiny detail you may ever want to know about extreme double-knitting. I have found that in the past other knitting pattern books are visually beautiful, but don't give clear directions on technique. If you truly want to learn double-knitting this book will teach you in great detail' from casting-on, working in complicated patterns, fixing mistakes, short rows, binding off, and finishing techniques. The amazing reversible colorwork you can create from this book is endless.

2. Practice, practice, practice: For those fellow yogis who know "practice, practice, practice, and all is coming." ~ Pattabhi Jois, this book will help you work on your double knitting skills without a massive daunting project being your first attempt. Alasdair gives small exercises and clear directions to practice your double knitting skills before diving into the big blanket or intricate hat pattern you want to create.

3. It is easier than you think: The title 'Extreme Double-Knitting' may make you think that this is an advanced technique that you will never be able to tackle, but do not despair it is much easier than you think. Again, with the amazing detail that Alasdair provides, double-knitting is a technique that you can learn to easily execute and use to create beautiful knitted designs.

Thank you for reading and happy knitting!

(Note to readers: I was not paid to write this. I was simply so inspired and am so addicted to double-knitting that I wanted to share it with you!)

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