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The Knitters Holiday Gift Guide

Have fellow knitting friends you need gifts for? Or perhaps you want to buy yourself a little holiday treat?! Here are a few of our favorite things that have greatly enhanced our knitting routine. We hope you love them as much as we do!

1. Smooth like butter - I don't know about you, but I find every time I'm knitting my hands get crazy dry. Part of it is the heat indoors drying out the skin, and part of it is the constant connection of the wool yarn drying out my hands. So I always like to have a good hand cream on hand. After trying a ton the one I found that worked the best for those cold and dark winters days in Boston is Gloves in a Bottle. It has a very mild and pleasant smell, so won't impart any strong odors into your hand knits items.

2. Mark it up - temporary tattoos are great for commitment-phobes who aren't quite ready for the real thing or those who want to show how bad-a** their knitting really is. We've got some yoga inspired tattoos and others that show the world that knitting takes balls!

3. Keepin' it tight - for those knitters who love colorwork, intarsia, brioche, or anything that has you working with more than one ball of yarn at a time, they will thank you for the double yarn keeper from Chic-a. It keeps your yarn strands from becoming twisted and knotted up and your yarn cakes will stay tidily wound in their own snuggly carrying case.

4. A cut above - having a beautiful pair of tiny scissors like these can make finishing your knitting projects a delight. I keep a set of scissors in my notions bag so I'm always ready to bind off, cut my yarn tail and weave in ends! We love those charming stork scissors made by Mundial. And at only $7 a pop, they make great stocking stuffers.

5. Fix it right - mistakes happen and we find the best way to get ourselves out of a mess is the Susan Bates handi tool. We have one in each of our notions bags, so no matter the project, we’ve always got the tools to fix it. One end has a crochet hook for grabbing and re-knitting those rogue yarn strands and the other end is pointed, which makes hunting around your knitting and grabbing those errants stitches much easier.

6. Keep it together - all those notions need a place to hang out together and we think this adorable alpaca zipper pouch by Society6 is just perfect.

7. Cake party - a great gift for a new or seasoned knitter is a ball winder. We have been using ball winders by Stanwood for years and they have stood up to the test of time and are available at great price points (under $37). Not all yarn stores offer to wind your yarn, and sometimes, I’m just in a rushing around running errands and I forget to ask. So having your own ball winder at home saves a ton of time. Gone are the days of draping a skein around your knees and tediously wrapping yard after yard around a toilet paper tube!

8. Ready, Set, Knit! - every knitter needs a set of interchangeable needles and our faves right now are the Lykke Driftwood. They are super smooth and knitting with them feels like a dream.

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